Ophelos reimagines debt collection is just a first step towards a world where everyone is financially educated, empowered and equal.

London, UK
Mobile app
Marketing design


Ophelos is a company from the United Kingdom that is reinventing debt collection methods. By marrying customer-centric product development and machine learning technology with a caring, understanding approach, we simplify, digitize and automate the debt collection process and empower businesses and their customers to take control of their financial health.


Being ready to push hard, Ophelos needed a fresher look and a modern appearance to convince their customers that friendly debt collection can really help to sort out their outstanding balances.The company had very little research made prior to the design process. To answer the questions the product needed to expand it.The brand needed a visual facelift. The product needed a Design System. The marketing needed landing pages.It was important to get the ball rolling as soon as possible and achieve as much as feasible within a short period.

Design System
Design Systems shift focus towards the ubiquitous presence. Every text line and color find their roots in the global philosophy of the product. Each element can tell a story and guide a user to the success.
The product
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